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Welcome to RAW - The Authentic Rolling Papers Experience

Discover RAW, the premier brand of natural rolling papers, renowned for revolutionizing the rolling industry with our commitment to quality, purity, and innovation. At RAW, we're not just about rolling papers; we're about creating an unmatched product that respects the natural essence of the roll.

Our Story

Founded by Josh Kesselman in the early 2000s, RAW has grown from a single visionary's passion for natural, unrefined rolling papers to a global leader in the rolling industry. Our journey is fueled by a dedication to providing smokers with the purest, most authentic way to enjoy their dry herbs.

The RAW Difference

Natural Materials: RAW rolling papers are crafted from natural plants with zero burn additives, ensuring a true natural flavour. Our papers are a blend of natural fibers, including flax and hemp, unbleached and processed in an eco-friendly manner.
Sustainability Commitment: RAW is deeply committed to sustainability, using wind-powered production processes and supporting various environmental and social causes. Our products are not just good for you; they're good for the planet.

Explore Our Products

RAW Rolling Papers: Experience the original RAW rolling papers, known for their natural qualities and unmatched purity.
RAW Connoisseur: For the aficionados, RAW Connoisseur combines top-quality rolling papers with pre-rolled tips, all in one convenient package.
RAW Grinders: Ease your rolling experience with our premium grinder selection.

Join the RAW Community

RAW is more than a brand; it's a lifestyle. Join our vibrant community of enthusiasts who appreciate the art of rolling and the pure, natural quality RAW provides.

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