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Medvape is the Official Authorized Distributors For The VapMan Vaporizer.

Inspired by nature Vapman's ingenious operating principle makes it a reference product in its class.

On the vapman classic installed, a fine layer of mica to protect the vapman from carbonization. 

The mica is a natural material and absolutely harmless, it acts as a heat reflector which increases the efficiency.

The olive wood is one of the most versatile woods, so each vapman looks different and is a unique piece of craftsmanship.

The sophisticated pan shape allows an even heat distribution.

The built-in air nozzles provide hot fresh air supply and avoid gas inhalation.

The combination of natural raw materials, Swiss design with Italian artistry.

Handling is also very simple:

Point the blue tip of the flame at the golden tip of the pan

Heat up briefly

Then inhale & repeat as often as necessary until the herbs are vaporized.

The vapman and funnel fit precisely into the hemp casing, the funnel makes refilling herbs even 

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